The P-3400 is an industrial grade pump for general service wit Flows to 500gpm (114m3/hr) and Heads 1,000 to 5,200ft (305 to 1,585m)

The P-3400 is part of the Sunflo line of industrial grade, high pressure pumps for general service.  It extends the performance of the product family by expanding the performance envelope to address ranges that include:

- Flows to 500 gpm (114 m3/hr)
- Heads from 1,000 to 5,200 ft (305 to 1,585m) 

The P-3400 is ideal for non-API high-pressure water applications, including wash water and boiler feeds for powerplants.  It is designed to deliver maximized up-time, reduced maintenance costs and optimized productivity over the lifecycle of the unit.





Heads To  1,000 to 5,280ft 305 to 1,585m
Flows To  50 to 550gpm 9 to 125m3/hr
Max Power  100 to 400hp 73 to 293kW
Temp Range  -50 to 350°F -46 to 177°C
Number of Stages  1.0
Max Case Working Pressure  2,160 psi 152 kg/cm2
Max Suction Pressure  350psi (25kg/cm2)
Standard Delivery  12 Weeks
Materials of Construction  316 SS (Duplex SS), Hastelloy, AISI 4140/8620/9310 Steel, Aluminum or Cast Steel
Bearing Materials Available Ball Bearings, Journal Bearings, Riveted Steel, Phenolic, Grease Packed
Max Viscosity  10 cp
Solids Range  0.015" (0.381mm), 400 microns
Mounting Configurations  Frame Mount Only, Horizontal Right, Vertical Up (viewed from suction)
Number of Available Hydraulics... 244
Seal Configurations Available  Single, Double
Available Inducer  Yes
Available Flanges  600#RF, 900#RF Discharge Flange
Pump Case Corrosion Allowance  Generous Clearances
Suction and Discharge Size  3"x2" and 4"x3"
Seal Plans for Sunflo Pumps  11, 13, 21, 23, 31, 32, 41, 53

Centrifugal High Head, Low Flow Pumps
Sundyne wrote the book on High-Head, Low-Flow pumps over 50 years ago and everyone else has been playing catch up ever since. Sundyne Pump models are available in single and multi-stage configurations with small, compact footprints.

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